BAD FOR YOU – Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody

10 OCTOBER 2012
Shizaru Gallery is proud to present BAD FOR YOU, an exhibition of contemporary art curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody. Composed of artists based primarily in America, BAD FOR YOU seeks to capture the panoramic strand of contemporary art that deals with the exhibition’s eponymous title.
Artists: Michael Ajerman, Donald Baechler, Mel Bochner, Meghan Boody, Lizzi Bougatsos, Scott Campbell, Larry Clark, Kent Christensen, Will Cotton, David Croland, Alex Da Corte, Tancredi Dollfus, Jameson Ellis, Sebastian Errazuriz, Phillip Estlund, Peter D. Gerakaris, John Gordon Gauld, Al Hansen, Dan Hernandez, Nir Hod, Greg Haberny, Ellen Harvey, Ryan Humphrey, Scott Hunt, Charlotte Kidd, David Kramer, Robert Lazzarini, Tim Liddy, Robert Longo, Liz Markus, Ryan McGinley, Jason Middlebrook, Steve Miller, Marilyn Minter, Maynard Monrow, Richard Pasquarelli, Mimi Pond, Randy Polumbo, Walter Robinson, Alexis Rockman, Holton Rower, Ed Ruscha, Matthew Satz, John Salvest, Tom Sachs, Aurel Schmidt, Shelter Serra, Cindy Sherman, Soheila Sokhanvari, Steven & William, Fred Tomaselli, Vadis Turner, Lena Viddo, John Waters, Wayne White, Rob Wynne, Firooz Zahedi, Burton Machen, Bouke de Vries, Tony Oursler, Joseph Heidecker, Marina Abramovic, George Stoll, Ray Geary, Dustin Yellin, Ultra Violet, Andy Warhol.

An art collection that pays homage to artists connected to the Canadian West

Peter Boyd

Peter Boyd

Marsha Lederman profiles our friend Peter Boyd in the Globe and Mail:

As soon as he left the University of Western Ontario and landed a job, Peter Boyd bought a car, some furniture and his first work of art.
He has since spent “hundreds of thousands” of dollars on his art habit, running out of wall space at home and keeping much of his collection in storage (necessitated, in part, by the 2009 sale of his oil-field seismic-services company Arcis Corp., and the subsequent disappearance of office walls on which to hang the work).
Influenced by childhood trips to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg, Ont., he began his collection with historical work by artists such as David Milne, but has sold or gifted most of it and now exclusively collects contemporary art. His collection of about 100 works (it peaked at about 200) is populated with artists connected to the Canadian West, including Chris Cran, Douglas Coupland, Attila Richard Lukacs and Geoffrey James, but he also owns work by Robert Mapplethorpe and Eric Fischl. “You’re always falling in love with art if you love art,” he says.
His latest entrepreneurial venture is Genius Wines; its first release a pricey Sonoma County cabernet sauvignon he calls Creo. “It comes from the Latin word for creativity,” he says. “It’s my tribute to artists who are geniuses.”