Maria Lynch interview in Artspace // Maria Lynch opens June 4th

A Few Questions for Maria Lynch, Brazilian Sculptor of Elevated Child's Play and Transience

By Karen Rosenberg

NAME: Maria Lynch
AGE: 34
HOMETOWN: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
BASE OF OPERATIONS: New York, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro-Brazil
MEDIUM OF CHOICE: I work with different mediums, from painting to videos, performance, installation, and music.
WHY I MAKE ART: To be part of an atemporal dialogue, to transform my world and make others share their worlds with mine, to show a way we can subvert established systems of logic and the discourse of rationality. Art chose me, in so many ways.

WHAT I'M WORKING ON NOW: This is one of the paintings for my upcoming solo show in June at Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles:

I’m working on another show now that opens on April 2nd in São Paulo, at Blau Projects. I will have the oportunity to show works in various media, some paintings, and a new installation—part of a series I named "Rooms Of Experience." The idea started in 2012 when I made an installation called Ocupação Macia (Soft Ocuppation), a room filled with small fabric sculptures that are a mix of child’s play and fantasy, like a huge assemblage of deconstructed memories. I felt that I made a step foward from painting—I wanted people to be literally "touched" by their senses. I started to develop other rooms, wondering how I could make people think through their bodily experiences without pre-conceived ideas.
This is my goal now: taking someone who is set in their own way of thinking, and showing them that they are able to access this other dimension of the self. The body is the one who actually thinks—rationality comes after. 

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