Interview with Austin Irving in Frontrunner Magazine

Edward Symes of Frontrunner Magazine interviews Austin Irving.

Tell me about the group of photographs of NOT AN EXIT.  When did you begin to capture the series and edit them into a cohesive show?  Did you begin with a concept or did you have realizations along the way as far as color, form, and overall style?

I found the first image of my NOT AN EXIT series by accident. I was staying in a hotel in Souest, Netherlands in 2007 for a commercial assignment and late at night after a long day of shooting bridal gowns, I discovered that from one exact spot, the hotel hallway looked strangely and uncomfortably impassable. When I travel, I always bring my 4×5 camera with me, so I was able to capture this bizarre optical illusion on film. At the time, that image was an anomaly as I was primarily shooting portraits, landscapes and nightscapes. It wasn’t until I found another location in Singapore in 2009 that had the same qualities as that first image in Souest that I realized that this was going to become a series.

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