Wilding Cran Gallery is pleased to announce Art Club, a monthly workshop for children (and adults)

ages four and above. Each session is led by an art educator and uses the gallery’s current exhibition as a

launching point to discuss and create art during the two-hour workshop. The students are encouraged

to look at and respond to the work they see in the gallery through a guided discussion by the instructor.

By the end of each session, every student has created a new work and explored a new artistic genre and/

or technique. 


In addition to offering public classes with a $25 fee for supplies and educator expenses, Wilding Cran

has partnered with the Los Angeles Family Housing organisation to provide free classes to children

living in Comunidad Cesar Chavez temporary housing. Education and engaging with the community

are central to Wilding Cran’s mission. In the coming year, the gallery aims to offer free Art Club events

that will be open and available to a broad range of students regardless of age or economic background.

Wilding Cran is currently seeking sponsors and partners to collaborate with on this endeavour.


Previous Art Club workshops:

May 2016

Students were inspired by Catherine Fairbanks’ papier mache chimneys and embossed drawings and then

went on to make their own mini chimneys and drawings.

December 2015: Looking at Jeremy Everett's Broken Grid paintings, students worked on the floor and

painted with rollers using different fabrics and mesh-like materials as stencils.

February & March 2015: Inspired by the line drawing and collage of Jason McLean’s pictures and

found objects, participants painted onto papier mache animals and created their own Art Club ‘Zines.’

December 2014: Based on Chris Cran: That’s an Excellent Question, students created circular artworks

using texture and collage.

November 2014: Participants looked at the exhibition of collaged vintage postcards in Vikky

Alexander: Theatergarden Beastiarium and then worked on creating their own mixed media postcards.

Each student shared one of their creations with Visual AIDS to participate in the organisation’s 17th

annual Postcards from the Edge. This exercise was used as an opportunity to discuss with the young

artists how their work can be used in a broader sense as a way to help and inspire others.


The Art Club schedule varies, with a commitment to a minimum of one class per month per group.

Please visit wildingcran.com for details about future workshops, or email info@wildingcran.com. 


To inquire about becoming a partner or to sponsor an upcoming class, please contact Naomi Wilding at



About Art teacher Grace Denis:

Grace Denis is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Her work incorporates the use of a

multitude of mediums including photography, sculpture, and installation. She currently attends California

Institute of the Arts. She has a strong passion for pedagogical practices and has taught children between the

ages of five and fifteen at various institutions such as Venice Arts and Newhall Elementary.


 About Art teacher Amy MacKay:

Amy MacKay is a Los Angeles-based artist and educator who strives to foster critical exploration and

self-discovery through visual concepts and materials. She earned her BFA at Bard College in 2007, where

she was honored with the Jane Fromm Yacenda Painting Award and the Studio Arts Award. Most recently,

Amy has served as the Assistant Director for the summer program at the Oxbow School in Napa, California,

where she has worked for ten years. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Amy taught at-risk middle school and

high school students at the Making Waves Educational Program and the Good For Kids Foundation in

San Francisco. Additionally, Amy is one of the founding members of the Bayview Center for Peer Based

Learning. Her work has been shown throughout California and New York.