Organised by Rory Devine

The artists included are: Amy Adler, Maura Bendett, Michael Coughlan, Doug Edge, Nancy Evans, Barbara Gallucci, Kevin Hanley &  Jonathan Kroll, Mary Heilmann, Laura Howe, Steve Hurd, Kathleen Johnson & Leonardo Bravo, Hilja Keading, Robert Levine, Larry Mantello, Carter Potter, Trudie Reiss AKA Trixie, John Souza, George Stoll, Dani Tull, Randy Wray, Jody Zellen and contributions from Dave Muller and Jan Tumlir.

TRI Gallery was founded in 1992 by artist Rory Devine in his home at 1140 S. Hayworth Ave in Los Angeles. It was created as a response to the lack of exhibition opportunities for emerging artists—similar to artist-run spaces such as FoodHouse, Bliss, Nomadic Sites and Three Day Weekend that were opening at the same time. The gallery represented a community of artists from both Los Angeles and New York that were interested in creating an art world that fostered mutual support, admiration and camaraderie. The initial concept was to show one work by three artists in one room of the house. It followed that format for several exhibitions, until the gallery took over all of the public space of Devine’s home, an elegant Spanish duplex.  In 1994, TRI Gallery moved to a storefront on Yucca Street in Hollywood. During its four and a half year history, TRI Gallery presented 30 solo, group, video, performance, and thematic based exhibitions, and participated in the FAR Bazaar and the original Chateau Marmont Art Fair. 
All of the artists presented in this exhibition contributed to the success of TRI Gallery during its brief existence and it is a great pleasure to revisit their work 20 years later. The exhibition will include painting, sculpture, video, and performance with a specific interest in addressing current issues within contemporary art. 

Checklist / Press Release